Services of detective agency Kiev:

Adultery. This type of service detective agency aims to identify or confirm the facts of adultery, as well as photo and video fixation evidence to confirm or deny the existence of the facts of adultery;

Watching a teenager. The service aims to find out what your child does in his spare (uncontrolled by you) time. Meeting with his friends, interests, hobbies, revealing the presence of addictions (alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc.) using the services of the detective agency. (Kiev);

External supervision. The main essence of this service of detective agency, consists in supervision over behavior and an environment of the person which can be in business trip, at a party, work, rest, etc.;

Countersupervision. In this case experience and professionalism of the private detective is used for identification of the illegal facts of supervision over the person and his environment;

Check of the staff. Supervision over housemaids, governesses, nurses, office workers, etc. Check of candidates at the employment. The private detective will check the provided data, and also will define existence of addictions;

Supervision over the pedestrian object. This service of the private detective notes movement on foot or city transport. Possible contacts with the third parties, and also places which were visited are fixed;

Supervision over moving object. This service of the detective agency can be observed the movement on the car. Fixing the contacts with the third parties, places to visit;

Photo video filming of object. The value of this service of the private detective is in the movie shooting and getting quality pictures of the object in public places.

Find a person. Private detective agency to help find the person who has lost contact with (family members, schoolmates, friends since childhood, and so on).

Search of the owner in car number. Detective Agency can assist in the search for the owner of the car, in order to compensate the material damage caused to the client if it is not contrary to the legitimate interest of the public.


Private detectives of the agency "Philin" work 24 hours per day. Mostly we work in Kiev and Kiev’s region. But we can expand our activity in all Ukraine’s regions in the case of necessity.

Services of detective agency of Kiev. Legal aspect

All services of detective agency of Kiev are in a legal framework which is regulated by norms of the constitutional, criminal, civil and administrative law, the laws "About Legal Profession", "About News Agencies", "About Information" and also other normative legal acts of Ukraine.

Due to the above, a big request not to address to the detective agency concerning rendering of services that violate the current legislation of Ukraine, namely:

  • - specification of calls;
  • - wiretapping of mobile phone;
  • - listing of calls of mobile phones;
  • - installation of the hidden cameras of supervision;
  • - breaking of mail, Skype, etc.;
  • - supervision over employees of law enforcement agencies, civil servants.
The detective agency doesn’t practice searching missing animals, mobile phones, provoking of the adultery, penetration into buildings and homes, etc.