Detective agency in Kiev "Philin"

Detective agency in Kiev "Philin"– it’s an experienced professionals’ team. Every private detective of our team has practical experience of operational, investigative work and work in special services of Internal Affairs of Ukraine for at least twelve years.

Our drivers have practical experience of operational driving.
In team of private detectives of the agency everyone is on the place and possesses practice and experience which not all private detectives and detective agencies in Kiev have.

Our purpose is the expeditious providing professional detective services in the market, with a guarantee of full confidentiality at the solution of any tasks.

Competitive advantages of the agency

  • - effective implementation of tasks with full confidentiality;
  • - researching the scheme of the solution of problems by our detective agency at the professional level with minimum expenses;
  • - providing detective services all over the territory of Ukraine;
  • - full providing to private detectives with all necessary technical means for the solution of the tasks;
  • - individual approach of private detective agency to each client;
  • - free consultation.

The cost of detective services

The detective services’ prices of the agency is average in the market. Four detectives and two cars are a part of usual group.

The possible minimum consists of two detectives and one car (depending on an objective and category of object) reduces the cost of detective services.

The possible maximum is sufficient for the successful deciding problems of any complexity.

We offer hourly, 12 hour and daily fee (24-hours) for the service of detective agency. There is a system of discounts.

Providing the report with photo video fixing of events by detectives is included in the price of services of the detective agency.

The principles of the detective agency "Philin"

Confidentiality - All events held by our detective agency are especially confidential. Since the moment of consultation with the private detective, only those who are engaged in it know about your problem. Detective agency "Philin" guarantees full confidentiality. Our clients and reputation are valuable.

The flexible prices - The detective agency "Philin" in Kiev provides the average price policy. There is a system of discounts like ordering of large volume of works, discounts to regular customers, etc. Hourly fee of private detectives is possible.

Professionalism - All private detectives of our agency have long-term practical experience directly connected with external supervision, searching and operational activity.

Honesty - Our detective agency works at bases of trust, correctness and openness, positive interaction with clients is impossible without them.

Mobility - You communicate directly with detectives who will be obliged to solve your question, without intermediaries and who can collect the necessary group of detectives in an hour or two.

Photo and video fixing of events

Private detectives of detective agency "Philin" have necessary technical base to perform qualitative photo and video fixing of events under any conditions.

At supervision over object private detectives, without fail, make photo and video fixing of the key moments of supervision in public places. Contacts with the third parties, nature of communication, the visited places, purchases, movement routes, transport, etc. are fixed.

Photo and video fixing is carried out by detectives both at supervision over not mobile object, and for pedestrian or moving on the car (transport), and serves as documentary confirmation of information provided by the detective agency.

What does photo and video fixing give?

External supervision is the effective and hidden way to check and receive reliable information. Using an external supervision the detective agency can establish:

  • - object’s circle of contacts;
  • - residence or works;
  • - contacts with the third parties;
  • - daily routine;
  • - interests and tends of the person;
  • - the nature of the behavior of an object;
  • - movement routes;
  • -the location of an object;
  • - existence of the shadowing object.

External supervision always was and will be the most informative source as observable doesn't suspect about supervision and behaves naturally.

Detective agency Kiev

Detective agency "Philin" in Kiev provides detective services in Kiev and Kiev region, if necessary to expand the activities in any region of Ukraine is also possible.

Private detective Kiev

To communicate with a private detective can use e-mail.

The contact person is Vladimir.

Contact phones:
+38(063) 972-972-0
+38(050) 725-86-84